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    CSGO Warcraft Server Maps

    Alright so far I've removed alot of the RTV'd really bad maps.

    The exception being of course Minecraft and Simpsons. I will leave these maps in for a while to get a feel for the RTV Ratio on it.
    Maps I've added and kept on the Server so far:

    De_Ali -
    I really like this map, People seem to complain that the Counter Terrorists get to the bomb sites too fast but I think it's fine.

    De_crown -
    I feel this map is very nicely done, Lots of pathways and Cover and the route's seem decently well done.

    de_aztec_ua -
    This map is really good, The exception being that it needs some tweaks so players cannot go out of the map sometimes.

    de_waterfall -
    Good map, the pathways seem a little confusing at first but I think it will work. Will watch The RTV ratio on this one

    de_mirage_mirror -
    Really like it, think it should be a fine addition to the server from now on.

    de_inferno_mirror -
    Like the map as well, Also nice its based off the older version of mirror. Think this one will be staying as well for now.

    de_high_ground - Seems decent, so far the ratio of RTV is very good.

    de_portugal - Not sure about this one, seems okay. Will pay attention to RTV rate on this

    de_prodigy - Always loved this map so far seems to be getting good feedback on it.

    de_rats_2004ever -
    Added this map cause server wanted it, seems decent so far, but we have had issues with again people doing objectives. If I hear people complaining no one is doing objective this will be remove again.

    cs_cavana -
    Decent map, May be way too big. I will have to watch how the server likes this one

    cs_outpost -
    So far seems pretty good, will have to see how server likes it due to it only being played 4 times as of making this post

    So these maps are here to stay until the server has played them for a while so I can get a report from RTV's back from them, So instead of whining about the maps. Get them to RTV
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    I would suggest removing the rats maps. Also any maps without objectives. We had rats type maps for years, and it was always the same behavior. Half the server loved it, the other half hated it. Normally dropped population by half every time we played it.

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    The rats map is pretty fun, and it looks really nice, but the only bombsite is kind of hard to get to. If it had a bombsite with cover, it would be better.

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    I like non-objective based maps because then no one has an excuse to run and hide or sit around. I used to play on a small WCS server back in the day and it was nice to have a break in the objective maps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurtydwarf View Post
    I like non-objective based maps because then no one has an excuse to run and hide or sit around. I used to play on a small WCS server back in the day and it was nice to have a break in the objective maps.
    You're rebuttal can be said to support my argument to be honest. Over the last 10+ years, I have tried hundreds of variations on how we do our maps. It has always shown the same behavior. Hangemhigh is a perfect example. People "loved it" yet half the server pop left every time we played it. Why? Without an objective people swapped to KJ and made the round last 5 minutes.. This meant the newer/less seasoned/bad players were sitting dead for 4+ minutes waiting to play again. Far from an ideal approach. We even tried making it so maps without objectives defaulted to DM. No change there, it actually became worse.

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    True. I seen people leave due to round's longevity. But most of them are assholes who complains every chance they get and offers 0 solution.
    Most map's hype last for week(s) before it dies out then gets rtv'd afterwards.
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    I really dislike Rats maps in general. They're just too massive.

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    After careful consideration I have removed the rats map

  9. In all seriousness though i don't think we should keep adding maps that are in no way counter strike maps. When i say this i'm talking about maps like simpsons and rats which look more like trouble in terrorist town maps than cs maps. They have zero effort put into cover and movement around the map, bombsite placement doesn't make sense and rounds usually end up being a clusterfuck. I don't care that maps are themed or open just make the thing make sense for the game we're playing.



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