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Thread: Typos

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiLLeR93_ View Post
    Ritualist tree of life skill needs a line break
    Quote Originally Posted by stevenglansberg View Post
    4. Inhuman Stamina "farther" is misspelled.
    Got the one in Support as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by stevenglansberg View Post
    CS:GO GunGame: 1. Warmup, "overtime" should be two words.

    3. Death Match, under more info, 2nd line "loosing" should be "losing"
    Also one of those in Fable race too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tehzync View Post
    [Spongeblob][Cleaning Aid] - keyLime pie [V-off] ♫Music♫ leeched 2 bullets from yo4ur clip.
    [Spongeblob][Cleaning Aid] - keyLime pie [V-off] ♫Music♫ leeched 2 bullets from yo4ur clip.

    I lol'd but yeah.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meit_Grigori View Post
    Anti-Serpant ward. It's Serpent
    Quote Originally Posted by topz View Post
    Shopinfo of dust of appearance says "Temporaly"
    Easily fixed, submitted.
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    Sensors at Advanced laser technician when there is no movement
    [Advanced Laser Technician][Light Sensor] - Sensor's have not detected movement.
    Should be "Sensors have not..."

    mostras20 +REP   

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    myguns menu.

    If you type myguns m4a4 it will not register. It is registered as m4a1 (which is false). (because it is m4a1s for silencer, but the m4a4 is a different type of gun. Please fix!

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    In raceinfo, the h in health for Starter Race on WCS CSGO is not capitalized.

    Curryman +REP   

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    heres one, when your bank is maxed it says "banked maxed"

    augmentkapital +REP   

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    Typo on Kirby

    Star Power - Extra info - "15% chance to deal 0.5/... times your intial damage to your target"

    Should be initial

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    Wraith - Attributes - "Gain 85% invisibility" When it's actually only, 56%



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