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Thread: rant

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    Jokes on you rat, you've never heard my irritating squeaky voice.

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    Lol I am now wondering if I ever have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mango Jim View Post
    I think it's great that this thread is still being ranted in, though I guess as long as rat is still here this thread will be too.
    WHO IS MANGO JIM?? And why are there some races named for him? Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! Stranger Danger!

    Quote Originally Posted by ratpatrol View Post
    Often during the hours I play there is a player whom is very concerned with his status in the server. His rank is all consuming to him. His KDR is more important then getting a date. He constantly brags about his accomplishments. He always plays OP races. He switches races to maximize the map. He’s a douche in lower population times. His voice is irritating and he talks way too much. Yes I am referring to a specific assqweek. Who is it? It’s most of you! Ya &@“$!? Douches.
    You had me at 'assqweek'. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratpatrol View Post
    I will be dead soon and then this thread can die with me. Playing with these assvultures is certainly excelerating my demise.
    You're not allowed to die until I've beaten you at a game of basketball

    Quote Originally Posted by ephedrine View Post
    WHO IS MANGO JIM?? And why are there some races named for him? Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! Stranger Danger!
    Are my broken ass races open to the public now?
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    "Which reads that leads..." - Blazed

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    Well if you at least decent at b-ball you’ve got a good shot lol.

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    bump for this thread being almost 12 years old

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    Quote Originally Posted by xSlayerx View Post
    bump for this thread being almost 12 years old
    *Friendly jab, don't get upset*

    Bump for Slayer acting the same age as this post xD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snugglebutt View Post
    *Friendly jab, don't get upset*

    Bump for Slayer acting the same age as this post xD.
    Friendly jab after you had an insulting name and consistently called us both trash faggots and tbag'd for multiple days? oof bud. So friendly. Maybe tell me about how you're going to rape each of my family members again? Friendly jab hehe xd

    Let's shit up the rant thread, this should be fun.

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    fffffffffffffffffffffff motorola, god damn pos gotta use 5 different passphrases and users for moscad each with its own purpose
    "Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch it to be sure "

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    I mean seriously the try hard race whoring douches are as always severely out of control. These asscluck down syndrome affected (yes apparently there is one of those) morons are everywhere. 75% of the people on this cursed server are more consumed with their precious KDR then their real life. That’s because in real life they fail. No job, no friends, and if their lucky an ex girlfriend who now does other dudes in their old bed. That guys luckier then most as he at least once had a girlfriend. The rest of you are permanently married to one of your hands and probably cheating on it with your other hand. These contests are fun but tend to really bring out the worst in the weakest of this group. They really get out their best for them. Then they have to tell you how great they are. Memo to douche: if your good we will know, you don’t have to tell us. Just because your father left your mother right after dropping a gift in her roofied up baby hole doesn’t mean you should seek attention here. Look at me! Look at me! Shut it. The only things saving this day are this rant thread and the perma mutes I handed out today. Oops let’s not forget the very special and satisfying perma ban.! Remember this douches. The server may grind slowly but oh it does grind. Enjoy your day.

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