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    Submit Your Maps for the Server

    OOOOK! Well I have been receiving many map requests through PMs and steam messages. As you map requesters should know, this bugs the living hell out of me!

    BUT ALAS! Fear no more! For I have put together a thread for all of you to put your desired maps for the rotation! This way, I don't get these messages, and we can keep track of all the map ideas! Of course they won't always be put on right away, but when we feel the need to add a new set of maps, this will be the first place we come to for uploads!

    Let me just lay down some guidelines for any of you noobies out there

    1. All maps must be less than 20mb zipped

    2. Maps must have objectives (bomb/hostage)

    3. The bigger the map, the better (bigger for players that is), however we do like having new maps for the smaller amount of players as well

    That's about it, so post away!
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    Sincerely, BoobiesHidden Content

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    A couple maps that I would suggest adding to the map rotation if they can support the player count on this server: de_cache and de_scorch

    Also, a couple maps that I think are shitty for league play but I know from experience work great in WCS: de_cpl_strike and de_cpl_fire
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    that de_scorch you put is just de_season lol

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    Ah, poopdicks.


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    i was thinking about this map, as i played it in a mod, and it looked nice. (yes it is for CS:S)

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    are there any glass maps with objectives?
    No, it is not a "RIDICULOUS" name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by firSt 2 g0 View Post
    I support this post. xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by firSt 2 g0 View Post
    I said it has to have objectives ):<

    Otherwise I would totally consider putting this in.
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