In order to play Warcraft mod, you need to use multiple binds to manually activate some of your skills when pressing the key of your choice. Additional binds can also be used to quickly access important menus.

Adding a bind is done by typing a command in your console. If you do not know how to get to your console, simply press ESC. Navigate to Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced. Make sure Enable Developer Console (~) is checked, and select Ok -> Apply. Then press ~ (Tilde, left on the 1 key) to access your console. If this doesn't work, do following:

Go into your library on steam. --> Right-click Counter-Strike: Source or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive --> Click "Set launch options..." --> Type "-console" without quotation marks and press "ok" and start the game. You will see a console appear in which you can run the commands specified bellow. If you had problem using the Tilde~ key to open the console, you should consider binding the console to a different key using this command: bind (key) "toggleconsole"

Be aware that on Global Offensive, binds on some keys will not work when you are dead/spectating. For example, F1 and F2 do not work, but F3, F4 and others do work.

Required binds

Many races requires you to manually activate skills by pressing a key on your keyboard. Those race tell you which command to use by reading their skills in the "raceinfo" menu (Ultimate, Ability1, Ability2, Ability3).

For most races, having +ultimate and +ability1 is enough, but a few will actually use up to ability3.
Bind a key to these:
bind (key) "+ultimate"
bind (key) "+ability1"
bind (key) "+ability2"
bind (key) "+ability3"

Details on binds

You can bind any command you want to a key. It is very useful to bind the changerace command to a key to quickly access the menu instead of having to type the command.
Every command used by Warcraft can be entered in the console or in chat, so the binds can simply be created by typing bind (key) <command> in console. (No need for "say")
bind (key) "shopmenu"
bind (key) "changerace"
bind (key) "raceinfo"

You can bind any other thing, just remember that you can only have a single bind on a key, so you might be overwriting a bind that you actually need but forgot about. To view a list of the existing binds, use the key_listboundkeys bind.

Optional binds

Bet - Allows Donators to place a bet on the winning team. Must be in all lower case for it to work. bet (ct/t) <amount of bet> Odds are based on the number of each team left. Max winnings are 16000 (16k) more than the bet amount.
bind (key) "bet ct all"
bind (key) "bet t all"

Shopmenu - You can bind a key to purchase any shopitem you want. The command to do the purchase is "shopmenu item_code". You can find the item_code either by looking in the shopinfo command, it will be the text between [brackets] next to the name of the item. You can also find the codes at Shopmenu Items.

Here is a list of what to bind to buy the shopitems, some items may have bee

bind (key) "shopmenu boots"
bind (key) "shopmenu socks"

bind (key) "shopmenu dust"
bind (key) "shopmenu orb"

bind (key) "shopmenu neck"
bind (key) "rarmor"

bind (key) "shopmenu xp500"
bind (key) "shopmenu xp450"
bind (key) "shopmenu xp100"
bind (key) "shopmenu ank"
bind (key) "shopmenu sandv"
bind (key) "shopmenu disg"
bind (key) "shopmenu rcolos"

-Donator Binds-

bind (key) "shopmenu mlank"
bind (key) "shopmenu mlrarmor"
bind (key) "shopmenu mlneck"

Here is an example of a bind to change race
bind (key) "changerace wolverine"
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