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This page contains a list of the commands, with a short explanation, that you can use on our Warcarft servers. Click on each commands to go to a page with more details about them.
Those commands can be used in console or in chat, so if you create binds for them, you do not need to to use "say" in it.

First, the core commands of the Warcraft mod:
  • wcs: Opens a menu with a list the most useful commands of the Warcraft mod and a short description. Useful if you forgot how to type a command.
  • wchelp: Opens the motd at a page on the wiki based on the word passed to it.
  • changerace: Allows you to change your race through a menu, or instantly if you add the begining of the name of the race.
    • chr: does the same as the above command.
  • raceinfo: Give you information about races (starting at your current one). Like changerace, you can go to a race by adding the begining of the name of the race. Skills with [M] means you can select it to have more details.
    • rfo: does the same as the above command.
  • playerinfo: Opens menu to get information about a player: current race, skills, total level. You can type part or a player's name to find him quickly.
    • pfo: does the same as the above command.
  • myinfo: Shortcut for doing playing info on yourself. Only place to see your total level.
  • teaminfo: Like playerinfo, but only for players of your team. You can add "ct" or "t" to check a specific team.
    • tfo: does the same as the above command.
  • shopmenu: Opens a menu to purchase special items with ingame cash like XP and healing.
  • shopinfo: Opens a menu listing the items in the shopmenu and explaining what they do.
  • wcbank: Use banked levels or XP you have. You can get more through donation or in special cases.
  • spendskills: Opens a menu to spend your unused skill points on the current race you are playing.
  • resetskills: Resets your skills for the current race so that you can reassign your points differently. There is no penality for doing this.
  • rotd: Displays information about your current race of the day. Playing this race gives you double xp, up to a cap each day.
  • donatorrace or drace: Same as changerace, but only for races that are available to donators.
  • randomrace or rrace: Changes your race to a random race.
  • showxp: Shows your current race, level, xp and xp needed for next level. Displayed every time you spawn.
Commands for other mods on the server:
  • bank: Open a menu to access your bank money. Can deposit/withdraw money.
  • dm: Vote to activate DeathMatch for the rest of the map. Once activated players will be respawned quickly when they die.
  • rtv (Rock the vote): Vote to change the map. This can be done at anytime during the map.
  • dropkit: Removes your defuse kit. Useful for invisible races because it reveals your location. (Donators don't need it)
  • unstuck: If you are stuck in a player, use this command to automatically get unstuck. Doesn't work when stuck in the map.
  • bet: Allows you to bet on the winning team of the round, gaining some money. (Donators only)
  • rank: Displays your current ranks and stats, but also your session's stats.
  • next: Displays players close to your rank and the points needed to reach their place.
  • wctop: Displays the top players with the most total levels.
Utility commands that are also available:
  • showrange: Followed by a number, will display a circle around you with a radius of that number of in-game unit.
  • motd: Brings you to the rules page. Make sure you know what you can and cannot do!
  • timeleft: Displays the time left before changing map.
  • thetime: Displays the server time and when the server will reset the rotd and 2x XP.
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