Donation Rewards

Donating Rewards

Levels are a one time purchase at $0.15 per level. You can select how many you want from the Donate page.

You can subscribe for $15 for the first 3 months. That is one charge, up front that covers 3 months of donor specific features. After which you will be billed $5 each month. This gives you access to everything listed below:

Access to Donor races

There is no total level requirement for these races.
You can use the command donatorrace to display a changerace menu with only those donator races. (And also your private races, if any).
Those races are all custom coded (and unique).
  • B-52 Spirit
  • Rogue Hunter
  • Radigun
  • Storm Spirit
  • Reaper
  • Mythical Pistoleer
  • Spartan II
  • Seraph
  • Samus Aran
  • Donkey Kong
  • Shadow Stalker
  • Phyrexian Stalker*
  • .Seknoot*
  • Void Master
  • Gollum*
  • Combat Medic*
  • Revanchist*
  • Never Ending**
  • Death Metal*
  • Jack Ryan
  • Wall-Mart*
  • Arcane Paragon
  • Mario
  • Spy
  • Dweller
  • Kirby*
  • Metroid*
  • Final Fantasy
  • Sonic
  • G. Freeman
  • Trap Technician*
  • The Hunter
  • Deth's Demoman
  • Phoenix*
  • Monster

*Races unavailable in WC:GO
**Available in WC:GO as a public race

Immunity to the high ping kicker
Not in the continental US? No worries you won't be kicked for having a ping over 250.

Access to betting
When you are dead, you may bet on the winning team. If you bet correctly, you get additional money according to the ratio of player still alive on each team at the time of the bet. The amount you bet is taken directly from your bank, so you do not need to withdraw before betting.
The command for betting is bet. Using it with nothing else brings up a menu to bet. You can however type the team and the amount to bet directly. Example:
bet t all
bet ct 12000
bet ct half

Choose your chat color
Type in red, blue, olive, green or standard chat color to stand out as a donor.

2500$ deposited in your wallet at the end of each round

Not much to say, if you played the round, you get 2500$ in your wallet.

RoTD increased to 10500 XP
The amount of extra XP Race of the Day can give you per day is increased to 10500 (from 7000).

Automatic defuse kit
All donators defuse at the same speed as if they had a defuse kit. Any defuse kit they pick up is simply discarded so other players don't see a defuse kit, which is important on invisible races.

Reserved slot
When the server is "full" (at the player limit displayed or above), you may still connect to it using the console with the following command:
connect or

Access to donor shop menu
This menu includes classic items that re-buy themselves automatically when needed. Those items are Ankh of Reincarnation(get guns back after dieing), Necklace of immunity(protection against many skills) and Ring of Armor(armor and helmet). These items last the whole map.

Access to donor models
This menu gives a choice of models that you can select for that map. The choices changes each time the map changes. We do that to reduce the number of downloads required for a new player to log on the server. To access these models type settings, and choose models. From there you can select which model to use for that map. These models go invisible and cause no issues on use with races such as KJ and Rapscallion.

Nominate maps

You can nominate to increase its chance to show up in the map vote. This is not a guarantee and often requires multiple donors working together to get the map they want on the list.

In-game HLStats
You can toggle on the in-game HLStats notifications to display when your rank points are changed, whether it be from killing, being killed, planted the bomb, etc. You can do so by typing settings and selecting the HLStats option to toggle it on or off.
You also gain access to the Rank, KPD, and Session commands in game.

Access to Awp and M249 in Deathmatch
When playing deathmatch, you may select Awp or M249 as weapon to spawn with.

Count as 2 votes for Deathmatch and RTV
When voting (or not voting), you count as 2 player.

To stop being a donator, you must unsubscribe, which is possible only from the Paypal website. This is how u would change it. Go to, log in, click on profile and then more options in the drop down box, then click on my money on the left side, where it says My preapproved payments click on update. then click on our name which is Chronic Escapism Gamers, then you scroll to the bottom and click on cancel subscription

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