First steps

If you haven't already, go read the Warcraft introduction for some general introduction to this mod.

Warcraft Mod uses many menus, accessible from different commands (said in chat or console), to navigate through its features. Many of those commands have special uses or shortcuts, so when you have time later, you should look through the Command list. For now, just keep reading these introduction pages.

When you join the server, you are automatically put on the last race you were or Undead Scourge if it's your first time.

Type raceinfo to learn what the skills of your current race does. If a skill has a [M] at the end of its description, it means you can select it in the menu to get more details about it.
Type spendskills to spend skill points you have not already spent. (You start at level 5 with every race, giving you a few skill points right away). Normally, its much better to put one point in each skill first and then go as you feel because the first point normally gives around 30 to 50% of the power the skill will have when at its maximum level.
Type myguns to setup which guns you want to receive for free each round.
Type changerace to change your race to a different one.
Type resetskills to reassign your skill points for your current race.

Not all races are available to your right away. Most of them are locked until your Total Level (sum of your level on each races) reaches a certain amount. You can see your Total Level by typing myinfo.

Many races have skills that speak about Ultimate, Ability1, Ability2, etc. Those are powers that the player can activate by pressing a key he chooses. Look at the binds for all the details on this important feature.

You have a bank that can contain XP and Levels. Type wcbank to access it. Important Note: You should not use the levels in your bank to level up a race that is lower than level 10.

Once this is done, you can start playing as you normally would: killing people, doing objectives, etc. This will give you experience and you will earn levels.

There are a few features to help you level up faster and other fun things to learn about. So you should read Learning Warcraft.

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