Learning Warcraft

If you haven't already, go read the Warcraft introduction for some general introduction to this game mod and First steps to learn the basics of playing on this server.

Leveling up is not so quick. A few features exist to make it faster:
  • shopmenu: You can purchase XP for your current race using in-game cash by the shopmenu. This is probably the fastest and most common way to gain XP since weapons are free on our Warcraft servers.
  • race of the day (rotd): Each day, one of the races you have access to is randomly selected to become your race of the day. While you play that race, you will earn 2x the regular XP. This bonus is valid for up to 7000 bonus XP per day.
Type playerinfo to look at the race other players are currently using.

Players can vote to activate deathmatch mode, which makes all players respawn shortly after dieing.

It may happen that you get stuck in another player. When this happens, type unstuck to gain noblock temporarily. This only works when stuck in a player, not in terrain.

We accept donations to help keep the servers running and encourage us to keep improving it. We have rewards for those who donate, but you do not need that to reach higher level races, it only help you get there faster. You do not get unfair advantages over other players.

All that's left for you is to read the command list if you haven't already gone over the remaining commands. Good luck and Have fun!

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