Skills Explanation

Below are descriptions on many different abilities used in our Warcraft Mod. Not everything is present in this list.

Offensive Skills:
? Absorb - Usually you take a set amount of damage(normal/extra) and deal it back to enemy.
? Area of Effect(AOE) - Damages or does some effect in a radius around you based off of XXX Units or where your looking at. (few examples below)
- Undead Explosion: Explodes on death with any enemy nearby is given a set amount of damage in a radius.
- Entangling Roots: Freezes enemies within a radius around you and turns your screen green for a short duration.
- Chain lightning: Omits an arc of lightning which causes a set amount of damage out of you up to a max of 4 enemies within its range.
- Swine Flu: Those effected cannot deal knife damage until the the skill fades.
- Hourglass of Time: Slows enemies within range and every 6 seconds it freezes them.
? Anchor - Does damage if the enemy moves a certain distance and freezes them.
? Attack Speed - Can be lowered or increased.
? Banish - Creates a fish eye effect on the enemy screen and changes the color.
? Beacon - Make a ring around a person that pulses and makes a beeping noise to show that person is beaconed.
? Burn - Creates a flame on an enemy which hinders movement and causes damage over time. Its passive or used as an Ultimate/Ability.
? Bury - Puts enemy underground with there head sticking out still letting them shoot and do damage.
? Change Attackers/Victims view - Shifts the enemy cross hair by turning them around, up, down, depending on the skill.
? Damage enemy team - Do damage to enemy team when you kill some one.
? Damage your Killer - Deal damage to your killer based how much damage over your health they did.
? Destroy - Destroys Victims Weapon completely.
? Disable Target skills - It varies from flying to teleport.
? Disarm - Makes victim Drop there current weapon.
? Distort - Pops enemy in the air.
? Drug - Makes the victims screen tilt side ways and goes back and forth.
? Explosion - Either trigger explosion on self or passive % chance to explode on death.
? Extra Damage - Damage based off of a % or a set damage and can be caused by guns, knifes, or skills. Also deal extra damage based on hit group.
- Critical Strike: Cause a set amount or % of damage to enemies as extra damage with a weapon.
- Critical Grenade: Cause a set amount or % of damage to enemies as extra damage with a grenade.
- Critical <Hit Group>: Cause more damage which is a set amount or a % that is caused to the <Hit Group> of an enemy.
? Fire Rate - Increase or decrease the speed in which you shoot weapons or attack with knife.
? Flash/Blind - Makes enemy screen a bright white or some varied color to block there vision.
? Force Reload - Forces enemy to reload.
? Freeze - Stops enemy in place but can still attack.
? Grenade Effects - HE Grenades cause a various array of effects.
- Extra damage nade: Does a set amount or a % based on attack.
- <Skill> Nades: Does a certain skill when hit by the nade. ie. freeze, burn, disarm.
- Phase grenades: HEgrenades can go thru walls and you can have the ability to freeze them in place.
- Sticky Nades: Makes grenades stick to walls/people.
- Trap Nades: Makes grenades turn into a trap ward.
- Ward Nades: Omits a ward that causes varied types of effects.
? Grenade Launcher - Ability or ultimate, etc to shoot a grenade, that can have special effects, or it can just be a regular nade.
? Gun Effects - Gives your gun a specific effect.
- Radigun: Makes your weapon kill people who use it.
- Recon: Makes it so no one but you can use your weapon and explodes if someone uses it.
- Exploding Guns - Guns explode on certain conditions, such as use, destruction, or other.
? Ignore Evade - Will ignore enemies evade when you shoot them.
? Knife Throw - Throws a knife where your looking at that can cause regular knife damage or exploding damage.
? Lag - Makes the enemy feel as if they are lagging.
? Leech - After you attack enemy you steal a % based amount of health additional which is added to yours.
? Levitate - Knocks enemy in the air and pushes them 2 times in different directions.
? Lower/Increase Gravity - It lowers/increases gravity usually based off of a %.
? Lowers Invisibility - Lowers the % enemies are invisible by a set amount or a %.
? Paralyze - Similar to freeze but enemy cannot attack.
? Poison - Standard Damage over time that can have various effects.
? Projectiles - ability/ultimate to shoot a projectile which can deal damage or cause an effect.
? Push/Pull - It either pushes/Pulls enemy within range usually based off of XXX Units far away. Can be up, down, left, etc.
? Shake - Shakes victim screen.
? Show Enemies/Detect Closest Enemy - This make enemy either glow a blue color to show where there at or draws a line to the enemy.
? Slow - Makes enemy lose a % or varied points of speed.
? Spawn Barrel - Spawns a barrel in front of you where your looking at or on fire.
? Splash damage - Damage enemies around the enemy your attacking or where your looking at.
? Steal Armor - Steals armor from your enemy.
? Steal Ammo - Steals enemy ammo and puts it into your current magazine or in your reserve.
? Steal Health - Steals health from your enemy.
? Steal Money - Takes a certain amount of money from the victim.
? Swap - Can swap places with enemy either by an Ultimate or by shooting them.
? Thorn/Reflect - Deal mirror damage on who attacked you based off a % of damage they've done.
? True Damage - Always do a set amount of damage per hit, can differentiate between hit boxes.
? Wards - Varies from regular(Pillar), cloud(Smoke), and trap ward that do various amount of skills which last a short duration.
- <Skill> ward: Causes a <Skill> effect for people who enter inside.
- Damage ward: Causes damage over time inside the ward.
- Heal ward: Heals health over time when standing in the ward.
- Trap ward: It stops enemies in place when they step on the ward. Usually followed by "Its a Trap!" and some effect
- Teleport ward: Sends enemies who step in it back to spawn.

Defensive Skills:
? Absorb - take all enemy damage to you and take a % of it after a short duration.
? Avoid Death - When your health is reduced a certain amount your sent to spawn with a set amount of health. or gain an invulnerability.
? Block Ultimates - The ability to block all Ultimate skills.
? Damage Reduction - It lowers the amount of damage an attacker does to you by a %.
- Damage reduction when clip empties: The more your clip empties you gain a higher damage reduction.
- Reduce damage from certain sides: Take less damage from the from and sides but more from the rear.
? Evade - a % based skill that ignores the damage the attacker does to you.
- Evade guns: Evade damage from guns at a %.
- Evade Knifes: Evade damage from knifes at a %.
- Evade extra damage: Evades damage from extra damage given to you at a %
? Extra Health - Receives a set amount of health at the start of the round
? Healing - Continually receives heal over a period of time to self/teammate or purchase with some type of in game currency.
- Heal self: heals health over time only for you
- Heals teammates: heals health over time for you and your team mates within range.
- Purchase health: Spend money to get health.
- Earn Health: Gain health when you kill some one.
? Immune to <Skills> - You can be immune to a wide variety of skills listed in this list.
? Immune to Disarm/Destroy - Your weapons cant be disarmed or destroyed.
? Invincibility - Makes your character Unkillable for a set amount of time.
? Invisibility - Makes your character more transparent to others. Passive or can gain up to 100% invisibility.
? Repel - Pushes back enemies within a certain range of you or after they attack you.
? Smoke - Make a smoke cloud around you.

Movement Skills:
? Double Jump - Jump two or more times.
? Extra Speed - Receives a % or varied points for more speed.
- Speed when clip empties: Gain extra speed when you have a full magazine or when it empties
- Speed boost: Gains extra speed when hit or by an ultimate.
? Fly - Being able to move around while in the air.
? High Jump - Jump higher
? Long Jump - When you jump you go a % based more farther then you normally would.
? Low Gravity - Lowers the gravity or the player so you jump higher but fall slower.
? Lunge- Jump and in the direction you are pressing the keys jump again to be pushed that way.
? Push Self - Can push your self in a various amount of ways. ie. Forward, Down, Backwards.
? Skate - Glides on the ground when you activate it.
? Teleport - When used it sends you to where your looking at.
? Teleporting ward - Can step on a ward and be teleported to spawn or sent to a another ward if actiavted by enemy.
? Teleports to Enemy/Friendly - Can send your self to an allies dead/alive body or an enemies alive/dead body.

Utility Skills:
? Ankh - Receives weapons that you had when you died next round.
? Bullet Return - Returns a % of ammo when you fire your weapon.
? Disguiser - Make your self look like an enemy.
? Extra Ammo - Gives extra ammo in your starting weapon or in reserve.
? Extra XP - Earn XP based off of kill or hit on enemy. It usually just goes to the race and doesn't store in WCSBank.
? Instant Reload - Instantly reloads magazine of current weapon.
? Mole - It spawns you in the enemy spawn when you revive usually after a set amount of time of being alive.
? Reduced Fall Damage/No Fall Damage - You take a reduced amount of damage when you fall/ or you take none.
? Resupply - Gives back usually HE grenades, Smoke, Flashes. Or Weapons if they were disarmed or destroyed during the round.
? Revive/Respawn - Respawns Self or allies to spawn, at there dead body, or another player.
- Respawns your self either in your spawn or on your dead body.
- Respawns your teammates either in your spawn, on there dead body, or by you.
? Sandvich - Gives 120 health and your frozen in place till your healed with a chance to choke and die.
? Supplies - Gives a set Weapon, Grenade, or Armor each round for you or your teammates.
? Tracers - Ability to see traces of enemy bullets or allies that were fired.
? Weapon Swap - Swap a set of Weapons.
? Zoom/Scope - Ability to zoom in with Ultimate with a specific weapon

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