Warcraft introduction

The Warcraft mod is a modification of the regular Counter-Strike games. It adds many features to the game in order to change the way you play it and make it feel less repetitive.

In a Warcraft mod, you choose a 'race' to play as. Each race has a different set of powers (skills) that affect the gameplay in many different ways. Example: the race Undead Scourge runs faster, jumps higher, heals itself when it hits enemies and can explode when it dies. As you play, you earn XP and level up your current race, allowing you to increase the power of your skills up to a limit.

Here are a few other skills you can find on some races: Increased health, chance to deal increased damage, chance to evade damage when hit, HE grenades that explode when they hit a surface, respawn after dieing, receiving multiple HE grenades, chance to block an enemy from moving when you hit him, and so many other. See Skills explanation for a list of many of our skills and their variations.

Some races will also give a completely different gameplay:
* Some races can only use a knife, but will have stronger powers to compensate.
* One race is based around suiciding close to enemies to blow them up.
* And more!

We take the balance in the power of each race very seriously so that none of them are clearly stronger than every other races.

Now that you have an idea of what this is all about, you should do your First steps.

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