1. races
  2. Santa Claus

6 skills / 5 levels each
Contest Race

1. Naughty List
  • Random enemies are chosen at the start of round to recieve extra damage from Santa's attacks
  • Deal up to 30 bonus damage on shot. 10 seconds cooldown
2. Nice List
  • Allies playing healer races recieve up to 20 extra hp on spawn and a free random attack item from the shopmenu
3. Santa's Sack
  • Allies recieve a free random defensive item from the shopmenu.
4. Lump of Coal (3 levels)
  • Recieve grenades that phase through walls and objects. Deals up to 2x damage
  • Activate Ability1 to detonate early, but will not deal extra damage
5. Cookies (3 levels)
  • Ability2 to freeze yourself and eat a cookie. Cookies heal for 50 hp
  • Up to 3 cookies
6. Christmas Spirit (Requires race level 8)
  • Use ultimate to glow and become invuln for up to 5 seconds
  • Santa can deal no damage and enemies take up to 30% damage return if they shoot Santa while glowing

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