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  2. Succubus

6 skills / 5 levels each
Contest Race

1. Glowing Eyes
  • Passively goes in and out of a trance gaining boosts while active
  • Up to 1.3 speed, 20% extra dmg costing Chi, evasion to SMGs, and regen 3 hp every 3 seconds
2. Mesmerize
  • Chance to slow victims
  • Knifers that attack you will be paralyzed within 2 seconds if you are alive
3. Seduction
  • Ability1 to lay a ward that deals up to 5 damage per second and gains up to 35 Chi
4. Succubus Sword
  • Increased speed up to 1.5 with knife equipped. Speed is 1.6 during Glowing Eyes
  • Left Click attack speed is increased and gains Chi. Right Click deals extra dmg during Glowing Eyes
5. Resuscitation
  • Ability2 uses 20 chi to revive a dead teammate. Up to 2 uses per round.
  • Can use this ability while dead
6. Rage (Requires race level 8)
  • Use ultimate to convert Chi to hp. Max 150 hp
  • Gain extra SMG evasion during enraged Glowing Eyes

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