1. races
  2. Turok

6 skills / 5 levels each

1. Weapon Switching (1 level)
  • Ability2 to cycle through weapons
  • Weapons have half normal ammo. No Cooldown
2. Cerebral Bore
  • Ability1 launches homing grenade at enemy player in crosshairs
  • Homing grenade can be destroyed in flight
  • 30 second cooldown
3. Pickups
  • Up to 25% chance to drop a Pickup when you kill an enemy. Pickups can be health, ammo, or health+ammo
  • Pickups are seen and available to all players
4. Extra Life
  • Up to 50% chance to gain an extra life when you kill an enemy
  • Extra lives will respawn you on death, max 2 per round
5. Tek Arrows
  • Left click with your knife to lauch a projectile
  • Arrows deal up to 20 damage, cooldown of 20 seconds
6. Chronoscepter (Required race level 8)
  • Use +ultimate to create a delayed explosion on your crosshair. Enemies hit directly by explosion take more damage
  • Delay is 1.5 seconds, cooldown of 45 seconds

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