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  2. Water Elemental

Cannot buy Sandvich

5 skills / 6 levels each

1. Water Up
  • Gain up to 1.3 movement speed

2. Water Beam
  • [Ability1] On impact you will have 100% chance to push your enemy back. Lasts 10 seconds
  • Cooldown is 10 seconds

3. Water Nades
  • Give up to 6 nades that will do 75% reduced damage on players but the range of impact is increased by 50%. Players who are hit will be slowed for 0.25 for 4 seconds.

4. Thirsty!
  • [Ability2] You have 15% to recieve one "water" when you hit an enemy. Use your water to regain 15 hp. This cannot be used while you are froze
  • Cooldown is 15 seconds

5. Gone Teleport (Ultimate)
  • You gain teleport. As soon you will hit an object, you'll get frozen and you will need to push ultimate again to unfreeze yourself. While your frozen your 100% invis that decreases every second. You can only use your pistol,knife and grenades
  • Cooldown is 20 seconds after you've unfrozen yourself

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