1. races
  2. Witch

5 skills / 6 levels each
Contest Race

1. Chickens
  • Up to 10% chance to turn an enemy into a chicken for 3 seconds
  • Chickens can only run with a speed of 1.2 and do knife damage
2. Curse
  • Up to 17% chance to curse your victim. cursed enemies take 1 damage per second for up to 20 seconds and faded view for 3 seconds
  • Also have up to 10% chance to swap their weapon for a new, random weapon
3. Concoction Vials (3 levels)
  • Use ability1 to change the effect of your smoke grenade. Gain a new smaoke grenade 10 seconds after throwing your current one
  • Healing potion- Heals teammates in GREEN smoke for a flat 10/20/30hp for those who are in proximity of smoke
  • Drug potion- Drugs enemies with PURPLE smoke for 2/3/4 seconds
  • Fatigue Potion- Enemies attacks are weakened by 0.1/0.15/0.2 for 5 seconds after inhaling this YELLOW smoke
4. R.I.P. (3 levels)
  • Enemies you kill cannot respawn the current round
  • Enemies you kill are also take up to 15 damage on their next spawn
5. Broomstick (Requires race level 8)
  • Use +ultimate to fly for up to 8 seconds

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